Shout Out (7)


My mum, Deaconess Beatrice Taye Adegbulu (14th April 1929 to 17th October 2018, buried on 8th February 2019), was a very good woman, a devout Christian, and a lover of humanity. We fondly called her Mama in her lifetime!

As far as I can remember, Mama welcomed everyone to our house with open arms and gave them her all. Nothing was too big or too small for her to give out to people. She was an avid giver!

Mama was a mother figure to everyone; our friends, relatives, neighbours, her colleagues at work, church members, etc. She loved and looked after them, and they found in her a sturdy shoulder, which they could lean on for support each time they were in distress.

My mother was very close to our in-laws, and she did everything humanly possible to make us the big family that we are today. She loved and prayed for them on a regular basis as well.

Mama loved Akure, Nigeria, our hometown, and at a time, she practically turned our house into an extension of Akure Land. She loved the people of Akure sincerely and revered our elders, most especially the Deji, our paramount leader.

She loved her husband, our father, Samuel Adejuyigbe Adegbulu (1924-1999) without flinching, and she took excellent care of him till he breathed his last on the 22nd of December 1999.

My mother never discriminated against any of her stepchildren. She treated them with decorum and kindness throughout. I am therefore not surprised that many people of good conscience praised and applauded her for her immense contributions to who they have become today.

Mama treated her biological children, Adejisola, Adeyinka, Adenike, Adedayo, Adekunle, and Aderonke, like other children in her care. However, she taught us to be there for one another, respect each other’s views, and show kindness to everyone we meet. Besides, she taught us not to bear grudge against anyone, no matter what.

She was my special ally and greatest supporter, and she looked forward to, enjoyed, and celebrated my successes with me each time. And each time I went down, she went down and rose up with me again. But despite the unalloyed love she had for me, she never hesitated to tell me off, each time I overstepped my boundaries.

Without a doubt, I will miss my mum greatly, but I will never forget who and how she was to me. Moreover, I will never forget her dedication to God, loyalty to people, deep-rooted kindness, and commitment to charitable pursuits.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, in Jesus name. Amen.

Adieu, MAMA!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr Stoney)

Medical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker


But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27)

I once worked in a rural community in Nigeria, shortly after I graduated from the Medical School. And while I was there, I met a young man who was generally described as a drug addict, a serial womanizer, a busybody and a drifter, among other evil labels. But I did not see him the way they saw him. I saw him as a nice man, always smiling, and had kind words for me each time we met.

One day, he was evicted from the small room he shared with his uncle, his uncle’s large family, and other people, on trumped-up charges, and he found himself homeless, helpless and penniless all of a sudden.

In his desperation, he came to my office one hot afternoon, sweating profusely and looking unkempt, and narrated his ordeals to me. Eventually, he asked if he could live in my boys’ quarters, which was vacant at that time, and I said yes immediately, despite strong protestations from some people within the community. They wanted me to evict him at all costs, but I refused.

Before long, he became born-again and went everywhere to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, heal the people, and deliver them from the clutches of the devil. That is, he became a great blessing to many people in the community. He was a great blessing to me and my family as well.

One morning, he came to my apartment and asked if he could do a farm for me, as a way of thanking me for allowing him to live in my boys’ quarters free of charge. But I declined since I didn’t want a farm. Besides, the land in our part of the community was known to be barren and unfit for any meaningful farming activity.

Notwithstanding, he continued to pester me until I caved in. He later assured me that with God, the land, which was known to be barren and unfit for any meaningful farming activity, would do very well for us. And to my surprise, it did, such that at the end of the planting season that year, we harvested a large quantity of farm produce, most of which we had to give out to several people far and near.

To me, it was impossible to carry out any meaningful farming activity where my residence was. But to the man, the ‘impossible is also possible with God’, and he was dead right.

Friends, are you currently facing any situation, which looks impossible to overcome? If you are, then be informed that the ‘impossible is possible with God’. For instance, it is possible for Him to heal you, even though medical experts have concluded otherwise. Remember, He is interested in restoring you to health and healing your wounds (Jeremiah 30:17).

It is also possible for Him to make you prosper, even if the resources at your disposal and other realities on the ground do not agree with this position. Please, do not forget that He wants you to abound in all the work of your hand (Deuteronomy 30:9), and make you prosper in whatever you do (Psalms 1:3). In addition, it is possible for Him to save your children, even though they are far lost (Isaiah 49:25), and they shall call you blessed, sooner or later (Proverbs 31:28).

Furthermore, it is possible for God to give you a good name, a good personality, a good ministry, a good business, a good career, a good family, a good house, a good car, etc. (Psalm 84:11), although it looks like you cannot have them because of one reason or the other.

Please, don’t believe the lies of the devil suggesting that it is impossible for you to have good things of life, or reach great heights like other people, for with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27). Meaning, the ‘impossible is also possible’ with God! Hallelujah!!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr Stoney)

Medical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker


Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God’’ (Romans 15:7)

I used to work in the Health Services of an Institution of higher learning back home in Nigeria. One of my main duties there was to conduct a medical examination on the new workers and students before they are allowed into the system. I did this with other doctors!

One day, a devout Muslim student was assigned to me. She declined my services on the religious ground. According to her, her religion forbade her from fraternizing with any male outside her immediate family. Well, I respected her view and referred her to a female doctor in town, instantly. But I assured her of my readiness to assist her, whenever she wanted.

Early one morning, she was rushed to my consulting room by her female Muslim friends, because she was in poor health. I referred her to a female doctor immediately, based on our earlier agreement. But to my surprise, she insisted I should treat her, and I asked her why she changed her mind, and she said she could trust me because I did not abandon her the day we first met.

You can imagine how honoured I felt that day! Anyway, I accepted her request with great joy and attended to her. I am glad that she responded to treatment very quickly, and I discharged her later that day, hale and hearty.

We soon became close friends, and she visited my office in the company of her Muslim friends, quite regularly. They became close to my Christian friends too, and they were quite comfortable being around us, even when we prayed and read the Bible. They enjoyed our company, and we enjoyed theirs as well!

One of them later gave his life to Christ, during a crusade meeting he attended with us, and he went on to become a very good addition to the Kingdom of God and an immense blessing to me as a person. I sincerely thank God for the young Muslim girl and the convert we got through her. I did not abandon her, and it paid off in the end to the glory of God.

Friends, you can do the same as well. For instance, don’t abandon the poor in your midst. On the other hand, help them as much as you can, and the Lord will reward you sooner or later (Proverbs 19:17). Also, don’t abandon the voiceless in your land; you can be their voice (Proverbs 31:8-9).

Don’t abandon those who are childless near you. Instead, encourage and pray for them, for great surprises awaits them from God (Isaiah 54:1). Take care of the sick that you can reach; don’t abandon them. Visit them, clean their houses, do their shopping and cooking for them, and support them in other ways possible (Galatians 6:2).

Please, make up your mind not to abandon anyone this Year 2019. At least, give people a fair chance to benefit from you, and the good Lord will be pleased with you (Hebrews 13:16). He will also reward you most appropriately in the end (Matthew 25: 31-40), in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy New Year to you all!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr Stoney)

Medical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker