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I grew up in a small two bed room bungalow with a very huge population. And at any point in time, we had lots of people; uncles, aunties, cousins, relatives, friends, strangers, etc., living with us. But, we were happy, even though we had very little by way of possessions. Sadly, our seeming deprivation, made me to hold on to whatever I had, since I felt I would never be able to replace them, once they were gone.

That was how I was when I entered Government College, Ibadan, Nigeria (GCI) as a form one student. Apart from being stingy, I did not behave too well too, so I was always in trouble. But, there was this tall and unassuming Lower Sixth Student, a born-again Christian fresh from Eastern Nigeria, who accepted me as I was. He was very patient with me, and he took good care of me. He even allowed me to sleep on his bed a few times; a mind-boggling treat in those days. Two other senior boys, Bro Fisayo Fagbemi (of Powell House (one of the fives boarding houses in GCI), and brother of Ayokunle Fagbemi, and Sina Fagbenro-Byron (Carr House), also allowed me to sleep on their beds in later years.

Shortly before lunch one Monday afternoon, my cousin Ayodele Akingbade, brother of Kole Akingbade, and Akinwale Akingbade, and our mutual friend, Jide Adedeji, brother of Bro Dokun Adedeji, both mess boys from Grier House, gave me a small measure of Garri (aka African Cassava Flakes), which I planned to consume with my meal of Beans. But, that was not to be, as something very interesting happened, which changed my life!

The aforementioned Lower Sixth boy decided to sit beside me in the dining hall that afternoon, and before I knew what was happening, he took over my Garri completely. Initially, I thought he would only have a few spoonsful, but no, he just went on and on, till I left it for him in protest and deep seated anger.

Then after lunch, he held my hand gingerly, and led me to his room; meanwhile, I was still boiling with anger inside. He also tried talk to me once or twice, but I ignored him. Why should I talk to a Lower Sixth boy who wouldn’t leave me and my Garri alone? I muttered to myself on and on. Eventually, we got to his room, and what he did next blew my mind totally!

To my utter shock, He brought out a small sack of Garri from under his bed, and gave me a good helping out of it. Then, he said ‘Adegbulu, you need to give to be given! Then, he said ‘Adegbulu, you need to give to be given! This Garri is meant to ‘reward you for giving yours to me’. He then went on to lecture and convince me that giving begets giving (Luke 6:38).

Firstly, I could not believe my eyes and ears. Secondly, I never expected such level of generosity from someone I had just tagged my number one enemy, and I was truly ashamed of myself. Immediately, I apologized to him, and he accepted my apologies, but charged me to go out and give for my own sake. That was a huge counsel, which became a part of my life since then, and I can attest to the fact that it is truly profitable to give. He taught me other valuable lessons of life too, which prepared me for life in and out of GCI.

Since that day, I have tried my best to give, many times sacrificially, and I can attest to the fact that God truly rewards givers. Friend, are you a giver? If you are not, please start giving from now on. Give food, give money, clothes, time, energy, love, comfort, concern, advice, smile, hope, expertise, etc.; give anything! Please don’t wait till you become very rich before you give, and don’t be tired of giving, because in due season, you shall reap (Galatians 6:9), in Jesus name. Amen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to honor a very supportive, sympathetic, brilliant, and calm old boy of our school; a high jumper of note, and a thorough bred Scientist/Christian; LAWRENCE ONYEAWUCHI.

My Teur (Teacher), if you are reading this piece, please know that we appreciate your love and kindness, plus the teachings you gave us during your short but unforgettable stay in GCI. We trust God to reward you richly day by day, in the name of Jesus Christ who you adore so fervently. Amen.

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr. Stoney) is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

Shout Out (2)


As a starter, I would like to place it on record that I wasn’t particularly focused during my early years at the famous Government College Ibadan (GCI), Nigeria.  At that period, I was always in trouble, and in the bad books of most senior boys. I wouldn’t blame them much though!

Today, I will narrate how I accidentally became a writer, through the instrumentality of yet another senior boy of our school.

As a starter, I would like to place it on record that I wasn’t particularly focused during my early years at GCI. At that period, I was always in trouble, and in the bad books of most senior boys. I wouldn’t blame them much though!

One day, I was billed to serve three different punishments from three no nonsense senior boys after classes. Of course, I was very scared, and my mind was in turmoil throughout the lecture period. And as I was going back to my room in the scorching African sun after school, trying to figure out what might eventually become of me; a junior boy called me aside, and said another senior boy wanted to see me urgently. At that point, I became really worried and sorry for myself, for I thought I was about to add yet another punishment to my cache for the day.

Anyway, I went to see the aforementioned senior boy, who asked me point blank to submit an article to him within forty-eight hours, for inclusion in the next edition of our school magazine; ‘The Rock’! He was its editor in Chief! Honestly, I couldn’t understand why any sane person could ask me to do such a noble thing then, so, I begged him to spare me the ordeal and shame that could arise from obeying him. He just looked at me intently, and said, ‘Adegbulu, you must write an article, FULL STOP’! Straightaway, I knew I had lost the battle, and I started to cry!

But, I quickly gathered myself together, rushed to the school library, plagiarized an article, and submitted it to him within the deadline he gave me. Its title was ‘Don’t Make Jest of Me’. The senior boy looked at my article closely, then looked at me and said ‘Adegbulu, GCI boys don’t use words like ‘jest’ while classier ones like mock, tease, ridicule, make fun of, poke fun at, or laugh at’, etc., are available. In the end, he chose ‘make fun of’, and the title of my article became ‘Don’t Make Fun of Me’! He also fine- tuned it to look more GCI-like. Finally, he dismissed me, and said ‘Adegbulu, thanks for your article, well done’! Imagine a very senior and classy boy commending someone like me!

The magazine soon came out, and you can imagine how happy I was, when I saw my article with my full identity, ‘Adedayo Adegbulu 2C’, written under it. Some students praised me, while others could just not grasp how such a fine product could emanate from me. And a few weeks afterwards, we went home on holidays, only to realize that my parents had already seen my article, and shown it to loads and loads of people far and wide. I became an instant celebrity, and I felt really cool with myself!

Before long, I found out that I was always writing, and I couldn’t stop! Today, many years after the gentle but, firm push from the aforementioned senior boy, I have written over 500 published articles (Medical and Christian), apart from books, theses, lecture materials, proposals, poems, orations, speeches, etc. I am also the Editor in chief of an electronic magazine, Mind of Christ E-Zine, which can be accessed via Last but not the least, my materials are being read in over one hundred and nineteen (119) countries, in all the continents of the world as at the last count. I give God all the glory!

Friends, God can also help you unearth your hidden potentials today, and make it hugely exceptional. He did for me and countless of others globally; He can do it for you too, if you ask Him (Matthew 7:7). Please ask Him today, and do so fast!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to honour a worthy, unassuming, calm, focused, distinguished Nigerian; an Economist of the finest order, a dogged goal getter; Kole Abe. My Teur (Teacher), I thank you for nudging me into a terrain that has now universalized me; far beyond what my Medical career has done for me. My God will surely reward you richly, day after day, in Jesus name. Amen.

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr. Stoney) is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

Shout Out (1)

Recently, someone wrote to honour me for being a huge influence on her. I have never met her before, but she has read a lot of my articles! I was so moved by her action that I decided to likewise honour as many people as I can, who influenced me positively in the past. This is in harmony with the word of God that says: “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other (Romans 12:10).”

I have therefore dedicated a new category on my blog named Shout Out, to implement my decision. Please, kindly join me to honour the first person today Thank you.


I attended Government College, Ibadan, (GCI); a very prestigious Secondary School in Nigeria! But prior to going there, I spoke very little English.  Meanwhile, English was the official language of the school, and almost everyone there spoke it very well.

In those days, it was the tradition in our school for junior boys to take permission from their seniors before entering rooms that were not theirs. If there was no senior boy around, then junior boys were expected to back off!  One day, in my first year, I entered a room that was not mine without permission! Of course, that was a sacrilege and a major punishable offence, especially as the room was swarming with senior boys at that time!

The following conversation (paraphrased) later ensued between one of the senior boys in the room, and me.

Senior Boy: Adegbulu (i.e. my surname), why did you enter our room without permission?

Me: (I was at that point trembling) Sorry, “I FORGET TO TOOK’ PERMISSION’’!

Immediately, everyone in the room busted out laughing; some rolling on the floor! I am sure they couldn’t believe that a GCI boy could ‘damage’ the Queen’s language as I did. They must have also wondered how on earth someone like me found his way into their school to start with. In any case, the conversation continued as follows:

Senior Boy: (also laughing, but obviously sympathetic) Adegbulu, don’t worry that we are making fun of you! We all make mistakes, don’t we? Next time, say “I FORGOT TO TAKE PERMISSION’’; instead of “I FORGET TO TOOK PERMISSION’’!  Now, go out and do the right thing.

Immediately I went out, properly asked for permission to enter the room, and I was allowed in without any hassle. Can you believe that I was neither punished nor rebuked? Wow, that was awesome!!

My take on the incidence!

The kind Senior Boy gave me the confidence that I badly needed to speak more in English. In the process, I made many mistakes, but, I learnt from them, and moved on. Today, several years after, the story is different, for God has turned my major weakness, into one of my major assets (2 Corinthians 12:9). Hallelujah!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to pray for, and give honour to the Senior Boy in question; Taiwo Ty Fatungase; a first-class Aeroplane Pilot; a Captain of substance, and a worthy Soldier of Christ. Thank you my Teur (Teacher). May God continue to bless and lift you up, in Jesus name. Amen.

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr. Stoney) is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies